Dance Festival

2019 Dance Camp | Enrollment Now Opens


 2019 Beijing Dance Festival


The highly anticipated annual dance festivity is coming!

2019 Dance Camp

Enrollment Now Opens


Meet fellow students from around the country and the world

Experience intensive dynamic dance training

July 17-22 (16th Registration; 23 th Check-out)


The Beijing Dance Festival is one of the biggest celebration of dance in Beijing and among cities in China with more than 300  dance artists, over 200 dance students and more than 5000 audience attendance  congregate in Beijing every summer.  These participants come from cities  throughout China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as across the world from North  & Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The Beijing Dance Festival is co-presented by BeijingDance/LDTX,  Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) China Dance Development and  Beijing TianQiao Performing Arts Center. The annual Beijing Dance Festival  began in 2008 as a one-week festivity alternatingly focus between  international and Chinese artists. Since 2012, the Festival had combined both  international and Chinese artists and expanded to become of two-weeks  duration.

The two-week Beijing Dance Festival is composed of two  parts: First part as an Educational Week followed by second as Performance  Week. The educational week includes an intensive six-day Dance Camp taught by  an international faculty. The performance week composes of three modules:  Focus presenting full evening productions; Springboard showcasing works that  are more edgy and daring; and Youth Dance Marathon (YDM) offering an open  platform especially catered for young choreographer to showcase his/her  original works.

2019 Beijing Dance Festival


– 2019.07.17-22 (  16th Registration ; 23rd Check-out )

Performance Week

– 2019.07.23-28



The six-day Camp offers


  • International Faculty

16 internationally renowned dance artists and teachers from Belgium, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Scotland, Switzerland, US and China and more, forming a distinguished faculty with diversified offerings.


  • Extensive and Wide Array of Curriculum

Six-days of intensive training on contemporary dance styles and approaches - From technique to choreography, movements, stylings, kinesthesia, improvisations to artistic expressions.


  • Precious Artistic and Cultural Experience

Personal interaction with an internationalfaculty and fellow students of different origins. First-hand engagement and bombardment in practices and intellects in friendly setting of artistic and cultural sharing ambience.


2019 Beijing Dance Festival Dance Camp



July 16-23, 2019



  • Those who has achieved foundational level training

  • Those who is teacher or student of professional dance organizations or institutions

  • Those who is a dance aficionado/aficionada


Camp-19_Enrollment招生(E ng)_2019-03-08.jpg

1.       TuitionIncludes six days of classes and evening activities during Camp period of July 17-22, 2019


  • Group of ≧5 pax: -15% per pax

  • Dance Inspirations Members: -10%

  • Registered teachers of China Dancers Association: -5%

*Discount offering can only be applied once and honored at time of point purchase

2.       BoardingIncludes seven nights of accommodation during Camp period of July 16-22, 2019.  For those enrolled on full Festival two-weeks, second week Performance Week accommodation will be on own.

3.       TotalAmount due at enrollment includes Tuition + Boarding (¥420).

(Meals: There will be cafeteria on site for participants to choose and arrange on own)


  • Payment of Enrollment is non-refundable. In the event that cancellation is imminent due to unavoidable factors and permission has been granted for a refund, a ¥200 handling charge will be imposed.

  • Enrollment is complete upon receipt of total payment.



  1. Visit

  2. Click on Camp online application

  3. After your submission, Festival Organizing Committee will contact applicant via e-mail within three working days

  4. Following documents will be required as part of submission to complete enrollment

           a)  Front & back copy of ID/passport

           b)  Receipt of Total Payment



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