The Eagle

Duration: 65 minutes

Choreography/Costume: ZI Wei

Music: Mongolian traditional music

Lighting: Godzilla Tan (Malaysia)


The Eagle was premiered in October 13, 2007. Beijing Haidian Theatre.


Through the baptism of storms, the Eagle is born.

The skies clear, and the Eagle soars above-- his wings afloat with knowledge and reflection.

"The Eagle" premiered in June, 2005. Inner Mongolian Native, Zi Wei, choreographed this mesmerizing piece. Growing up on the prairie, he spent his childhood inspired and energized by the soaring eagles. After years of performing "The Eagle” he finally completed the newest version in 2007. This work is a crisp, pure and simple escape. Zi Wei reveals a distinct voice using his highly personalized movement.

“(The Choreographer) understands and grapples with modern dance so thoroughly that this work is no less than a masterpiece……”         -China Dance Magazine

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