One table N Chairs

Duration80 minutes

Choreographers: Willy Tsao, Li Han-zhong and Ma Bo

Lighting: Godzilla Tan

Costume: ZHAO Jia-pei


One Table N Chairs was premiered in 2000. Beijing Haidian Theatre.

This is a work aiming to deconstruct the Chinese opera.  It begins with the dancers, like a group of young contemporary Chinese dressed in metallic and fashionable costumes, coming onto a stage enwrapped by the loud and traditional sound.  They follow the structure of the opera, and try to re-enact the storyline. The movement, the dynamic and the substance, however, seem to be totally estranged…   


“It is highly unconventional for Chinese opera and in the case of One Table N Chairs, marvelously rendered."-----China Daily Metro

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