• Behind the Cracks: Suffocation

    Duration:10 mins

    Choreographer: FAN Lu

    Music: Max Richter

    Dancer: FAN Lu, SHEN Wan-ying, ZHANG Xue-feng

    In this chaotic society, we appear to be so innocent, longing to but refusing, moving forward, but also running away……

  • Behind the Cracks: 4 and a-half Tatami

    Duration:15 mins

    Choreographer: KAM Hiu Lam Alexis

    Music: Luna Rossa

    Dancers: KAM Hiu Lam Alexis, LI Ke-hua, MA Yue, YAN Han-yi

    What if we do not move forward on technology? What if we do not work? What if we do not have time? What if we do not exist?

  • Whatever Card You Have Will Be A Good One

    Duration: 20 mins

    Choreographer: MA Yue

    Music: Olan Mill, Floex,Brandt, Brauer Frick

    Dancers: TIAN Ru-meng, WANG Yue, FEN Xiao-ming, HAO Ying, MA Yue

    Now rather than planned

  • Behind the Cracks: Rational Animals

    Duration: 10 mins

    Choreographer: YAN Han-yi

    Music: Au Clair de Lune, Life and Death

    Dancers: YAN Han-yi, FAN Lu

    Should there or shouldn’t there be a crack between us……

  • Behind the Cracks: Give You Some Color See See

    Duration:38 mins

    Choreographer: LI Ke-hua

    Music: Nils Frahm,Taijin Kyofusho,Pérez Prado,Rodrigo Leão,Maja Ratkje, Goldmund

    Dancers: KAM Hiu Lam Alexis, TIAN Ru-meng, SUN Meng-yao, SHEN Wan-ying, LIU Lang, MA Yue, YAN Han-yi, FEN Xiao-ming, HAO Ying, ZHANG Xue-feng, WANG Yue

    Isn’t the movie now appears to be quite different from your memory? Isn’t there a similar story in this folded newspaper? Doesn’t there exist an angle where you can see things from your back…… There is yelling from

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