Beijing Dance Festival

Awakenings in a Dream - Hong Kong Classics Restaged

Hong Kong Classics Restaged – Awakenings in a Dream

Choreography: MUI Cheuk Yin

Presented by: Dancers from Beijing, Nanjing and Nanchang

Performance Date/Time: July 26th, 2017 (Wednesday) 17:00

Performance Venue: Studio Theatre, Beijing Tianqiao Performance Arts Center

Program Duration:  11 mins

Ticket Info: ¥120

Awakenings in a Dream 

Choreography: MUI Cheuk Yin 

Dancer: SONG Ting-ting 

Awakenings in a Dream

This work is inspired by one of the short stories in Kenneth PAI Hsien-yung’s collection of Taipei People of the same name, borrowing from the scene where she sits in the room alone reflecting on her life. The crisscross and sense of loss on destiny and love, the suspicion, the longing, the helplessness appear to be perpetual subjects lingering from past to present time. The one she sees in the mirror appears to be real and fake; the fan reveals how hard she tries to keep a hold back on her deep emotional secrets. This solo incorporates various elements of Chinese dance but breaks through traditional format, allowing one to to reflect and self-observe.


Courtesy of MUI Cheuk Yin

MUI Cheuk Yin

Recognized for her skills in merging the East & West culture, MUI Cheuk-yin achieved her fame at a young age and preferred dancing solo. MUI was a principal dancer of the Hong Kong Dance Company; then had forsaken her position at the company to travel to Europe where she worked with many dance artists. In 2000, MUI was invited by Pina Bausch and Folkwang Tanzstudio to choreograph Whispering Colour, and performed as a guest dancer in the Rite of Spring with Tanztheater Wuppertal.





Supporting Organization: The Office of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China in Beijing



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