BeijingDance/LDTX (AKA: LDTX) is a civilian-run professional dance company, co-founded in 2005 by Willy TSAO and LI Han-zhong.  Its name, LDTX, is an acronym for Lei Dong Tian Xia which translates as “thunder rumbles in the universe”.  Since its establishment, it has been under the artistic direction of Willy TSAO.  The company operates in full perspectives of creation, performance, education, and outreach programs, providing a platform where Chinese artists may freely express their thoughts and sentiments, thus driving forward the multi-facet development in dance.  The company has created a full repertoire and been invited to perform nationally and internationally in more than 20 countries.  It conducts workshops in cities throughout China. The company curates & organizes significant international cultural festivities such as the Beijing Dance Festival, Greater Bay Dance Festival, Living Dance Festival, Lunar Charioteer Program, and the China Dance Station alliance. The company established the “LDTX Youth” modern dance education program in 2022, training dance teachers to communicate to their students, the three main attributes of modern dance - personality, originality and apprehension of current times, cultivating a healthy and agile body as well as the mind-set, enabling the students to reflect one’s individual expressions, to pursue on creativity and be mindful of present happenings and issues.  The company’s professional talented dancers come from various cities across China, who are passionately dedicated to the art and creation, infusing individuality with exquisite artisanship, techniques and creativity.

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