2023 Greater Bay Area Dance Festival

Different Stories, Hijauan


  Round House Dance Company (Shenzhen)


 Dua Space Dance Theatre (Malaysia)

2023.09.29 (周五 Friday)


深圳市龙岗区文化中心大剧院 Shenzhen Longgang District Culture Center Grand Theater



Round House Dance Company (Shenzhen)


<Different Stories>

Choreography: WANG Dan-feng, ZHANG Li-ji

Music: Bajofondo, Kirill R ICHTER, Cosmo SHELDRAKE, John WILLIAMS, Angus MACRAE, Thomas BRINKMANN

Lighting: LI Zhi-wei

Costume: WANG Dan-feng, ZHANG Li-ji

Dancers: ZHANG Li-ji, GUO Xiao-bin, ZHAO Meng-nan, LONG Yang, ZHAO Xue, ZHAI Man-li, LIU Min, WANG Tian-hao, FAN Min-jun

Premiere: 2023

Program duration: 60 mins


In this city, there is always a different story happening everyday……




WANG Dan-feng

As an awardee of the Talent Scheme of Shenzhen Dancers Association, WANG has been the dancer, choreographer, and resident artist of the Round House Dance Company, her major creative works include Infinite Game, Two Ends, Solitary Grass, Along The Way, Pharynx, and Confusion.




A dancer and choreographer of the Round House Dance Company.  ZHANG’s major roles with the Company include: Floating Stream, Forgotten Words: Disclosure, There Is Always A Universe Waiting For Earth To Return Home, She, Slow Half-beat, and 40.

Dance Company

Round House Dance Company

Founded in 2008, the Company embraces modern and contemporary dance as the core direction of development, to create a platform for expression of the spirit of time, and with different forms and contents to showcase aritsts’ personality and originality. Repertoire include: Floating Current, Forgetten Words: Discourse, There Is Always A Universe Waiting For Earth To Return Home, She, and Infinite Game.  The Company has been the co-organizer of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Dance Festival since 2020.


This program is supported by the Shenzhen Longgang District Culture Development Marketing Project Fund.


Logo_共享空间 Dua SPACE.png

Dua Space Dance Theatre (Malaysia)

Choreography: Anthony MEH

Lighting: TAN Eng Heng

Costume: Anthony MEH, Akma Suriati Awang

Dancers: Aman YAP, LIM Hong Jie, Kenny LEOW, CHEE Kar Hung, CHIN Yee Jing, TAN Xin Rey, HEW Fuh Hoong, CHUA Hui Yu, LOW Xin Ping 

Premiere: 2023

Program duration: 55 mins



'Hijau' means green in Malay language. Inspired by the cultural fecundity of Malaysia, 'Hijauan' presents the images of the tropical nation through weaving the elements of flora and founa with various ethnic totems, creating a symphony of language hidden among all natives of the land.

Hijauan, a poetic expression of our affections for the land we call 'Home'.



Pix_MEH Anthony《行绿》2023-09.JPG

Anthony MEH

A native Malaysian, MEH graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in dance. He was a dancer with Taiwan’s Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and New York’s Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company. He co-founded Dua Space with Aman YAP in Malaysia. MEH is committed to exploring creative connections between the Malaysian Chinese community and various cultures, and brings together refined and accessible artistic expressions, showcasing them in both theater and outdoor performances. He received many awards include: Outstanding Youth Mentorship Award, Top 10 Outstanding Youth Award, the 2nd ASEAN Outstanding Chinese Award and the World Chinese Role Model Award.

Dance Company

Dua Space Dance Theatre

Established by Anthony MEH and Aman YAP in 1998, Dua Space Dance Theatre is the first full-time professional contemporary dance company in Malaysia. ‘Dua Space’ carries the meaning of sharing and interaction. The company has created various productions, absorbing elements from Chinese dance and Malaysian ethnic dances into contemporary dance forms, such as ‘TWO’, ‘Scream-A Response to Munch’, ‘The Legend of Hou Yi and Chang Er’, ‘Anak Malaysia’, ‘Black & White@VARIATION’, ‘DEN’, ‘Ancient Inscriptions’, ‘The Tree’, ‘MW-Men and Women Seeking for Love’, ‘The Lotus Sutra’ and many more. The company had performed in China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Pakistan, Indonesia, London, Philippines, India, Spain, and South American countries including Peru, Chile, Argentina and Paraguay.




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