2023 Greater Bay Area Dance Festival

Synthetic Species, Behind


<Synthetic Species> G-theatre (Chongqing)


HKDance/FLSH (Hong Kong)

2023.09.30 (周六 Saturday)


深圳市龙岗区文化中心音乐厅 Shenzhen Longgang District Culture Center Music Hall



G-Theatre (Chongqing)

<Synthetic Species>

Choreography:          LIU Bin

Music:                        ANFS, Senking, Ryoji IKEDA, Rival Consoles, Ryuichi SAKAMOTO, Barco, Evgueni Galperine, Sacha Galperine

Dancers:                    DOU Chao-yu, LIU Yang, ZHOU Yu-xin, CAI Yu-chen, LIU Yin-tao, ZHANG Zi-yan, WANG Hong-hao

Premiere:                   2023

Program duration:        33 mins


AI has completely turned the world upside-down

Humans are no longer ahead

This is created and directed by humans

In the midst of the semiconductor-human revolutionary storm

Who will eventually be replaced?





Born in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, LIU was a founding member of BeijingDance/LDTX and became Company’s resident artist in 2015.LIU’s works is characterized as fluid and multi-faceted.  He has toured various countries throughout Asia, Europe, America and Australia and attended: Hong Kong Arts Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Art Brussels (Belgium), Autumn Dance Festival (New York), Dance Salad Festival (Houston), Sao Paulo Arts Festival (Brazil), International May Festival (Wiesbaden, Germany), Chinese Year Arts Festival (Rome), Edinburgh Festival and received various awards. Major choreographies include: Sky, Somewhere, Ephemeral Shadow, 9.192.631.770 and Scanvenger of Light.


Dance Company


A multi-purpose functional artistic space, established by LI Han-fei and LIANG Yu, aims at providing a collective platform for arts lovers, and connecting the world through variety of artistic experience. The Space is designed with minimalistic style with an aesthetic of purity and quietness, which encompasses infinite possibilities of all arts.




HKDance/FLSH (Hong Kong)



Choreography:          Ray CHEUNG

Sound:                       TANG Tsz Tan

Lighting:                    LE Dinh Dat

Costume:                  Ruby YAM

Dancers:                    Ray CHEUNG, Emily HUI, WONG Sze Wing, Tracy LAM, TO Wing, Celine TANG, Candi TSANG, LI Ka Lun

Premiere:                   2023

Program duration:     41 mins



“I am a cage, in search of a bird.”

   ------ Franz KAFKA




A dance professional.  Ray CHEUNG graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Dance (Contemporary dance). From 2016 to 2019, he was mainly engaged in commercial dance projects such as pop concerts, TV programs, and theme parks. Following on, CHUENG is committed to the theatre and stage, participated in works of Remnants and The Last Stone by Kelvin MAK (Hong Kong), Colossus by Stephanie LAKE (Australia), I Will Jump Over The Fire and Lost Paradise by Jorge Jauregui ALLUE (Spain), Curl by Leila MCMILLAN (London), as well as The Closest Knot by Judith Sanchez RUIZ (Cuba).  His latest choreographies include: Destiny (2022), Instinct (2022) and Behind (2023).


Dance Company


HKDance/FLSH was established by Willy TSAO in 2019. In line with the founding principles “Hongkong Dance”, “China Context”, “World Vision”, and its firm determination to uphold the finest artistic standard, HKDance/FLSH will collect and present outstanding modern dance works from Hong Kong and to discover potential young dance artists, replenishing new source of dance talents of the city. Backed by the fusion of cultures in Hong Kong, HKDance/FLSH will also devote to China dance development projects with the aims of expanding the horizon of development and fostering communication between dance practitioners in Hong Kong, Chinese mainland, and other parts of the world.




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