2023 Greater Bay Area Dance Festival

Yong III


Tian Dance Company (Shanghai/Beijing)

2023.10.01 (周日 Sunday)


深圳市龙岗区文化中心大剧院 Shenzhen Longgang District Culture Center Grand Theater



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Tian Dance Company (Shanghai/Beijing)


Choreography:          TIAN Tian

Music:                        LU Cheng, TANG Bin, TIAN Yuan

Lighting:                     HU Jun-dong

Image:                        WANG Qiao-ye

Costume:                    WU Juan

Stage Manager:         WANG Kai-ya

Dancers:                     ZHU Yun-jun, WANG JIANG Yue-meng, LI Ao-xue, CHEN Ying-xin, YU Lu, WANG Yong, LI Long, YANG Rui, LI Long-yue

Premiere:                   2021

Program duration:     70 mins (With no intermission)


“The past helps to envisage an alien domain”

is a series on imagination of the alien domain.

Commissioned by the Shanghai International Dance Center,is the third of the series on the continuation of imageries inspired by ancient Chinese pottery figurines, a revisit of choreographer TIAN Tian’s revisit on the historical physique and gesture. The third time visit Comparing to the past two,is of more contemporary, futuristic and provocative.

The theme is based on classical painting, and the performance is structured with independent sections, giving audience an impression as if browsing through in a museum. The work was premiered in March 2021 at the Shanghai International Dance Center and since then has been toured in many major theatres throughout China.





Associate Professor of Beijing Dance Academy, tutor to Masters student, associate artist of Shanghai International Dance Center and member of Beijing Youth Top-notch Talents. TIAN is well recognized in her special dance field. She was head of the choreography group in the 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Summit, and director the sub-group of the cultural show of the 2022 Winter Olympics.  She heads up the Han-Tang Legacy Creative Center of the Shanghai International Dance Center, and the Beijing’s Western Drum Tower Han-Tang Classical Dance Center. TIAN’s major choreographies includeseries,,,,.


Dance Company

Tian Dance Company

Established in 2021, the Company core direction is to experiment with dance theatre presentation based on classical form of dance of the Han-Tang dynasty. It is the showcase of choreographer TIAN Tian’s work with members of WANG Jiang Yue-meng and ZHU Yun-jun as the principle dancers, and inviting dancers from different institutes to jointly perform on an pick-up fashion.



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