Ephemeral Shadow

Premiere: 2018.04.20

Duration: 65mins

Choreography: LIU Bin

Lighting: Godzilia TAN

Stage Design / Costume Design: LIU Bin

ProductionLI Jun-long, WANG Shi-jieCHEN Shi-yue

Costume Production: XING Ya-meng

Image Design: LIU Bin, WANG Ting

Make-up: LIU Jiao, GAO Ya-li, ZHAO Yan-qi, WANG Ji-xia

Life is a state of norm.  As time goes by it evolves and becoming unyielding.


In our choreographer, LIU Bin’s world, life is a Shangri-la where imagination runs wild, shedding the usual cover, under a graceful glance comes every surprises.






Choreographer Introduction



Born in Shanxi Province, China, LIU Bin studied at the Beijing Dance Academy.  He joined Beijing Modern Dance Company in 2002.  LIU became a founding member in 2005 and is currently one of resident artists of BeijingDance/LDTX.


LIU’s works is characterized with smoothness, varying styles and rich in creativity.  He has received numerous choreography awards within and outside of China.  LIU has toured with LDTX to more than 10 countries throughout Asia, Europe, America and Australia and attended various major arts festivals including: Dance Art Festival (Korea), Taipei Arts Festival (China Taiwan), Hong Kong Arts Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Adelaide Festival of Art (Australia), Montreal Festivals (France), Art Brussels (Belgium), Dance Salad Festival (USA), Holland Arts Festival, International May Festival (Germany), and Festival d’Avignon (France).


LIU’s major contemporary works include: Snail , October, Sky, Lost, Letter, 9.192.631.770, 60w, The 360th Seed, The Moth, Twi and Twa52 Hertz, 13:03: 05,03, See, The Direction of the Heart, Doll, A Place, Dinner, Ephemeral Shadow, and ethnic choreographies include: The Mongolian Legend (New Version) and Faxian.

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