Behind the Cracks

Choreographers: FAN Lu, KAM Hiu Lam Alexis, LI Ke-hua, MA Yue, YAN Han-yi

Lighting: LI Jun-long

Stage Manager: WANG  Shi-jie

Assistant Stage Manager: XING Ya-meng

The "Solar Term" choreography series, is especially dedicated for the group's young talented dancers to create their own choreography. “Behind the Cracks”is the 2017 program of this series comprises of new works choreographed by five of its members.

A variation of lights on an object produces a variety of reffections and an assortment of shadows; the unknown is hidden behind the various dimensions of space…

"Behind the Cracks" relays how modern dancers continuously explore and hence become more familiar with oneself while the journey requires both spirits and courage.

Give You Some Color See See

Duration:38 mins

Choreographer: LI Ke-hua

Music: Nils Frahm,Taijin Kyofusho,Pérez Prado,Rodrigo Leão,Maja Ratkje, Goldmund

Dancers: KAM Hiu Lam Alexis, TIAN Ru-meng, SUN Meng-yao, SHEN Wan-ying, LIU Lang, MA Yue, YAN Han-yi, FEN Xiao-ming, HAO Ying, ZHANG Xue-feng, WANG Yue

Isn’t the movie now appears to be quite different from your memory?

Isn’t there a similar story in this folded newspaper?

Doesn’t there exist an angle where you can see things from your back……

There is yelling from


Rational Animals

Duration: 10 mins

Choreographer: YAN Han-yi

Music: Au Clair de Lune, Life and Death

Dancers: YAN Han-yi, FAN Lu

Should there or shouldn’t there be a crack between us……



Duration: 10 mins

Choreographer: FAN Lu

Music: Max Richter

Dancer: FAN Lu, SHEN Wan-ying, ZHANG Xue-feng

In this chaotic society, we appear to be so innocent, longing to but refusing, moving forward, but also running away……


4 and a-half Tatami

Duration: 15 mins

Choreographer: KAM Hiu Lam Alexis

Music: Luna Rossa

Dancers: KAM Hiu Lam Alexis, LI Ke-hua, MA Yue, YAN Han-yi

What if we do not move forward on technology?

What if we do not work?

What if we do not have time?

What if we do not exist?


Whatever Card You Have Will Be A Good One

Duration: 20 mins

Choreographer: MA Yue

Music: Olan Mill, Floex,Brandt, Brauer Frick

Dancers: TIAN Ru-meng, WANG Yue, FEN Xiao-ming, HAO Ying, MA Yue

Now rather than planned


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