Nuo Ri Lang

Duration: 20 mins

Choreographer: Liu Yi Feng

Dancers: Zha Xi Wang Jia, Qian Kun、Xu Yi Ming, Zheng Zhi、Hu Shen Yuan

Music: Zhang Xiao Fu

Video: Ma Ge

Nuo Ri Lang is a God in Tibetan legend. Through refining two most apparent Tibetan features – Turning and Reincarnation, meanwhile combined with modern electronic music and visual images, the work reflects the ‘circle’ concept of Tibetan culture.


South Street

Duration: 5 mins

Choreogarapher/Dancer: Liu Yin-Tao

Music: Soundtrack of The Girl Who Leapt through Time

South street, is a deep long track, with me on this end and my childhood on the other end. 


Passage of Time

Duration: 12 mins

Choreographer: Zheng Zhi

Dancers: Ma Bo、Xu Yi-Ming、Zheng Zhi

Music: Alicia Keys As I Am, Intro Edvin Marton Strings 'n' Beats-Fire Dance, John Powell Assassin's Tango, Ólafur Arnalds Found Songs-Erla's Waltz, 陈升《把悲伤留给自己》


Recall - Harbor & Jail

Duration: 5 mins

Choreographer/Dancer: Hu Shen-Yuan

Music: Sundtrack Schindler's List, Consummationby Yun Duo 

The past will always leave a piece on you, it just won’t go away. As life goes by, once in while it will occur to you to recall the past.



Very Slow

Duration: 25 mins

Choreographer: Zi Wei

Dancers: Li Yue, Tang Ting-Ting, Liu Yin-Tao, Xu Yi-Ming, Qian Kun, ZhaXiWangJia, Cui Tao (Guest dancer)

Music: music clip


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