谷雨 2012


Duration:12 mins


Zha Xi Wang Jia

Music: pioneer zoo

Video: Zha Xi Wang Jia

Lighting Design: Godzilla Tan

With the haze of the city,

harsh reality and high-rose wall of

the heart, my anxiety was deposited here, then came along the distant sound and the sanctity of the soul…

to pay homage ofthose once pure and white…



Duration:6 mins    

Choreography/Dancer: Tang tingt ing

Music:Jami Sieber Out of he Mist   

Lighting Design: Godzilla Tan

Dancing like the drifting flowers,Sky and ground brimming with blossom-like snow,Daytime blooming under the vast heaven dome,Melt my sadness and transcended my glimmer.



Duration:20mins     Choreography: Liu Bin 

Song Ting Ting

Music: John Adams Shaker Loops  Lighting Design: Godzilla Tan

Dancers: Song Tingting、Li Yue、Tang Tingting、Liu Yintao、Qian Kun、Xu Yiming、Zha Xi Wang Jia

To embrace, to trust, to hope and to continue… Sky is an investigation of environmental destruction and preservation . This work uses an intricate physicality and unique movement vocabulary that experiments with a shifting center and transferring of body weight. 

Waiting Alone

Duration:9 mins  

Choreography/Dancer:Xu Yiming   

Music: Moon performed by AJ Alex 

Lighting Design: Godzilla Tan

May already have, maybe it does not exist. 

But I still wait alone……



Duration:12 mins  Choreography/Dancer:Qian Kun   

Music: Buddish music   Lighting Design: Godzilla Tan

Seeking for a spiritual stage for the soul


Unbecoming Creature·94

Duration:5 mins     

Choreography/Dancer: Li Yue    

Music: Sofa Surfers, Bon Voyage

Lighting Design: Godzilla Tan


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