Done With The Mind

Done With The Mind



LDTX Theater

Choreography:MA Yue

Music :  LIU Yi-wei

Lighting : Joy CHEN

Costume: XING Ya-meng

Promotion videography: WU Zhi-duo

Dancers:  FENG Xiao-ming, ZHANG Xue-feng, HUANG Siang, GAO Rong, JIANG Yi-fang, SHI Yao-jia, YI Fan, LIN Yi-yu, DING Zhen-yan, PENG Jun-ning, JIANG Yu-hui, CHEN Zuo, ZUO Yue-yun

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“One thinks one’s something unique and wonderful at the center of the universe. But in fact one’s merely a slight delay in the ongoing march of entropy.”

                                                                                       ― Aldous HUXLEY, Island

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Choreography:MA Yue


Born in Tianjin of Hui ethnicity, 1998 - 2004 Studied at Tianjin Art Vocational College (formerly Tianjin Art School) majored in Dance. 2004 Joined Tianjin Song and Dance Theatre. 2007 - 2012 Studied at Nankai University School of Continuing Education majored in Dance. 2011 Joined Shanghai City Entertainment Group as rehearsal master.2014 Joined Chongqing Ballet Theatre as a lead dancer. 2014 September Became a dancer wtih 


Major choreography include: Leisurely, Roam, Mutual, Whatever Card You Have Will Be A Good One, Not!? Same!? Idea!?, Stone, Paper, Scissor Remix, Cold Boiled Water, You Know Who

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