All Things Happen

Duration: 35 minutes

Choreography: CUI Tao

Lighting: Godzilla TAN

Dancers: MA Bo, ZUO Yan, LIAO Sidi, SONG Tingting, HONG Lin, ZHAO Kexin, CUI Tao, ZI Wei, LIU Bin, LIANG Yu, XU Yiming, SHEN Jun, LIU Chang


All things happen was premiered in October 12, 2007. Beijing Haidian Theatre.


We are heading forward, hand-in-hand, on our pilgrimage.

We remain silent-- both stifled by our fear and energized by our destiny.


All Things Happen, taken inspiration from the choreographer’s own life experience but extended onward to encompass various situations in the contemporary society, gives the work a realism touch.   - People’s Daily Overseas Edition

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