Standing Before Darkness

Duration: 70 minutes

Choreography: SANG Jijia

Music: Dickson DEE

Lighting: Godzilla TAN


Standing before darkness was premiered in May 6,2010. National Grand Theatre.

How much can we know about those around us?

Standing Before Darkness by Tibetan Choreographer, Sang Jijia, As BeijingDance / LDTX’s resident choreographer, This is the second work he has created for the company. This work demonstrates Sang Jijia’s unique style in which he ruminates on the dancers’ bodies and combines their brilliant technicality and pedestrian movements to evoke extreme psychological tension and asymmetry. During the performance, the dancers will be accompanied by live electronic music composed and played by an accomplished Hong Kongese musician, Dickson Dee.  


“The Company doesn’t merely dance splendidly, it dances ferociously.”  ——— Los Angeles Times

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