First Ritual

Duration: 90 minutes

Choreographers: LI Hanzhong and MA Bo

Lighting: Godzilla TAN

Music:  TAN Dun Orchestral Theatre II: Re    


First Ritual was premiered in Nov 5, 2010. PLA Theatre.


Some say: Rituals are for remembrance. Some say: Rituals are for prayer. Some say: Rituals are for escaping loneliness and finding peace. But in this work, I wish to express self-discovery through rituals, a cleansing and resurrection of the soul!“


The weird music and the sublime formality in the First Ritual had put the audience in awe. The intertwining of two styles of dance had led us through the realms between the traditional and the contemporary, between the individual and the plural, between the real and the virtual.   – Beijing Entertainment Journal

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