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A poetic visual concert for dancing bodies to the music of Henrik GORECKI

The Tatry are a mountain range that separates between Slovakia and Poland. In both countries The Tatry are protected by the law through the establishment of National Parks, which entered in UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere.  This exciting and cutting edge new contemporary dance piece researches the common space of the stage versus the individual space of the body. Through the remarkably delicate choreography, the dancer’s individuality in movement and expression comes to light. Throughout the full evening performance, the audience is taken through a journey of human emotions about personal, collective and social perspectives.

Pix3_以色列弗雷斯科Fresco《塔拉山脉Tatry》Photo by Efrat MAZOR_2023-03.jpg

Choreography Mor SHANI

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Began his professional career at Bat Dor Tel Aviv, Israel.  He studied at Artez Academy in Arnhem, and at Dasarts Academy in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  After his studies, SHANI was appointed as house artist at Dasnateiers Rotterdam production house and continued as an independent creator at the Ick Amsterdam production house.


SHANI’s works have been presented throughout Europe, Canada and the US, and have been nominated for several awards including the Dutch Zwan Award for best dance production - The Love-ism project presented at the "Diver" festival was chosen as one of the 25 best dance practices of the European Production Houses Organization.


He has returned to Israel and created a trilogy “Simple Dance", "Fireflies" and "Lekht “ for Inbal Dance Company.  In 2023 he created the full-evening work “Tatry” for Fresco Dance Company.

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艺术总监 Artistic Director:约拉姆·卡尔米 Yoram KARMI

概念及编舞 Concept & Choreography:莫尔·沙尼 Mor SHANI

音乐 Music:亨里克·戈雷茨基 Henryk GÓRECKI

音乐编辑 Music Editing:伊塔马尔·格劳斯 Itamar GRAUS

服装 Costume:欧姆里·阿尔伯 Omri ALBO

灯光 Lighting:奥弗·劳佛 Ofer LAUFER

执行灯光 Re-Lightning:巴鲁克·施皮格曼 Baruch SHPIGELMAN

排练管理 Rehearsal Management:洛滕·雷吉夫、因巴尔·尼姆洛夫斯基 Loten REGEV, Inbar NIMROVSKY

舞台监督 Stage Manager:诺亚·萨瑞格 Noa SARIG

制作监督 Production Manager:阿亚拉·舍茨尔 Ayala SCHERZER

国际通讯 International Communications:凯瑟琳娜·瓦西里亚蒂斯 Katherina VASILIADIS

图片 Stills Pictures:埃弗拉特·马佐尔 Efrat MAZOR

视频及剪辑 Video & Editing:萨莎·恩格尔、基诺·基钦 Sascha ENGEL, Kino KITCHEN

舞者 Dancers:阿亚拉·阿维朗姆、伊拉·奥尼、西蒙·纳吉、索菲·汉斯、乔纳·莱金、莉亚·摩尔、托梅尔·纳特维、诺姆·斯罗卡

Ayala AVIRAM, Irad AVNI, Simon GNAGY, Sofie HANS, Jonah LAKIN, Liya MOR, Tomer NATEEV, Noam SROKA

Company Introduction


Fresco Dance Company first took the stage in 2002 as an independent dance group, established by Yoram KARMI.  Since its establishment until now, the company has grown and is considered one of the prominent troupes in the contemporary dance field in Israel. The company’s home is the Fresco Hub for Dance and Culture, which resides in the Neve Sha’anan neighborhood in south Tel Aviv. Positioning itself in one of the cities toughest and most challenging neighborhoods, makes the Fresco Hub and its artistic director pioneers in combining community and art, inspite of the financial, social and cultural difficulties of the area.


In the heart of Fresco Dance Company’s activities is the desire to promote and expose the art of dance to a wide range of audiences and students, to further diverse education and cultural dialogue and to act to promote and expose Israeli creations at home and abroad. The company’s repertoire is comprised of creations by Yoram KARMI, the Artistic Director and house choreographer and creations by guest artists.


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